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DEDICATION: dedication


PART 1A The Crime Sketchbook part-1a-compressed

PART 1B The Headlines, 1953 part-1b-compressed 

plus FULL TRANSCRIPT of news articles, 1953: part-1b-1953-transcript

PART 2A Why Me? part-2a-compressed

PART 2B A Child is Born part-2b-compressed

PART 3A The DNA, 1998 part-3a-compressed 

plus TRANSCRIPT of Dr. David Sweet Interview part3a-dr-sweet

PART 3B Norah part-3b-compressed

PART 4A Lipstick Liz part-4a-compressed

PART 4B Pier 21- the Passenger List part-4b-compressed

PART 5A The Crime Scene, 1953 Part 5A.compressed

PART 5B To Alberta, 1929 Part 5B.compressed

PART 6A Physical Evidence: the List PART 6A.compressed

PART 6B A Dialogue with Molly PART 6B.compressed

PART 7A A Fur Coat Part 7A.compressed

PART 7B The Button Part 7B.compressed

PART 8A A Child’s Shoe Part 8A.compressed

PART 8B Adolescence Part 8B.compressed

PART 9A Nature’s Law PART 9A.compressed

PART 9B Aftereffects Part 9B.compressed

PART 10A Tartan Part 10A

PART 10B Joseph Part 10B

PART 11A Joseph’s File Part 11A

PART 11B My Lead Part 11B

PART 12A The Archives Part 12A

PART 12B Anam Cara Part 12B

PART 13A Putting Flesh to Bone Part 13A

PART 13B Reconstructing Molly Part 13B

PART 14A Molly Was “So Perfect” Part 14A

PART 14B Young Adult Part 14B

PART 15A Forensic Taphonomy Part 15A

PART 15B Wounds Part 15B

PART 16A The Letters Part 16A

PART 16B Boeing Part 16B

PART 17A Tuberculosis Part 17A

PART 17B Filicide Part 17B

PART 18A Suicide (by proxy) Part 18A

PART 18B The Eyewitness Part 18B

PART 19A A Molly from Alberta Part 19A

PART 19B Autopsy Part 19B


Sacred Sunday


PART 20A Molly’s Last Address Part 20A

70 Years Ago

PART 20B The Bus Part 20B

PART 21 The Police Report Part 21

PART 22 Intertwined Part 22

PART 23 Epilogue Part 23.compressed

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Molly- a true crime analysis is based on extensive research, interviews and published accounts. I use mainly primary and secondary sources in order to build the story. I have attempted to stick to the facts in the text and avoid assumptions, yet draw conclusions from the circumstantial evidence. Visual scenes have been created for the purposes of dramatization.  This is a work of creative non-fiction inspired by true facts, physical evidence and historical research. In the end, this is my artistic interpretation and nothing more than that.  – Katarina Thorsen