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Babes in the Wood Task Force:

  1. Roessle, Jason (November 6, 2003) Were Mission brothers ‘Babes in the Woods’? The Abbotsford News and The Mission City Record

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2. Thorsen, Katarina (November, 2003) Babes in the Woods 1953 Cold Case, Stanley Park, Vancouver BC The Bulletin- a journal of Japanese Canadian Community, History & Culture

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3. February, 2004 Who was the woman on Cherry Street? Community Forum, Mission Public Library, Mission BC

4. March 23, 2004 Cold Case: the Babes in the Woods Mystery lecture and community forum, Clearbrook Library, Abbotsford, BC

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Media 5

With Eve Lazarus, journalist/historian:


  1. Lazarus, Eve (November 15, 2015) Who were the Babes in the Woods
  2. Lazarus, Eve (November 22, 2014)  Kat Thorsen and the Babes in the Woods


Kickstarter Campaign:

Successful campaign ended September 11, 2011

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Hedgebrook Writers in Residence:

Thorsen, Katarina (December 19, 2014) Why Receiving No Was a Yes

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Rebelle Society:

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About Street Art:

Klassen, K. Post no bills: can free art change the world? Westender, April 23, 2013

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MacKillop, V. The writing on the walls, Westender, March 23, 2017

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About Youth Work:

Scallan, N. Sock monkeys make world of change, North Shore News, June 20, 2010


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Molly- a true crime analysis is based on extensive research, interviews and published accounts. I use mainly primary and secondary sources in order to build the story. I have attempted to stick to the facts in the text and avoid assumptions, yet draw conclusions from the circumstantial evidence. Visual scenes have been created for the purposes of dramatization.  This is a work of creative non-fiction inspired by true facts, physical evidence and historical research. In the end, this is my artistic interpretation and nothing more than that.  – Katarina Thorsen